I make dances as a way to stay engaged and try to make sense of the world around me. As I make dances, I ask lots of questions - of myself, and mainly of my dancers. Together we take apart our divergent experiences and find movement as a way to express the unspeakable things, the moments that get lost in everyday busy-ness. We also laugh, sweat and try not to take the whole thing too seriously. 

I've had the privilege of collaborating heavily with Project Tremolo producing original works in the Bay Area.

 Project Tremolo  ©  2011 - Photo by Matt Haber

Project Tremolo © 2011 - Photo by Matt Haber

 Project Tremolo  ©  2012 - Photo by Joseph Lambert

Project Tremolo © 2012 - Photo by Joseph Lambert


Dance Film
BianMa Studios (Beijing)

Through the Layers of Weathered Glass
Co-choreographed with Suzanne Myre
Jul 23-34; Aug 1-2, 2014: The Garage (SF)
May 23, 2014: Kunst-Stoff Arts (SF)

Portraits of Being Fine
Co-choreographed with Suzanne Myre
July 31-Aug 1, 2013: The Garage (SF)

From Nowhere to Here
Co-choreographed with Suzanne Myre
Apr 17-18, 2013: The Garage (SF)

Co-choreographed with Suzanne Myre
March 15, 2013: Terra Gallery (SF)
April 8, 2012: CounterPULSE (SF)

Nowhere Space
Co-choreographed with Suzanne Myre
Mar 16-17, 2012: Erickson Theater (Seattle)
Nov 12, 2011: 8th St Studios (Berkeley)
Sep 9, 2011: LEVYstudio (SF)

Apr 12-16, 2011: Strub Theater (LA)
Feb 5, 2011: St. Roberts' Hall (LA)

Isadora’s Free Play
Co-choreographed with Aaron Freedman
Aug 20-24, 2010: Boulder Int’l Fringe Festival (Boulder)


Relinquish (2016)

Performed at the Silicon Valley Dance Festival 2016

Choreography: Elizabeth Chitty & Babatunji Johnson
Dancers: Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Alysia Chang, Elizabeth Chitty, Charles Roy, Nick Wagner
Music: Eigenvalue Subspace Decomposition by Choc

Tremolo - Excerpts (2011)

Choreography: Elizabeth Chitty
Dancers: Ellie Biddle, Jesse Chin, Mackenzey Franklin, Kia Hill, Jhia Jackson, Suzanne Myre
Music: Blue Bicycle - Hauschka

Nowhere Space - Excerpts (2012)

Choreography: Elizabeth Chitty & Suzanne Myre
Dancers: Jesse Chin, Mackenzey Franklin, Kia Hill, Jhia Jackson, Gina Lewis, Charles Roy, Paul Vickers