After a long time about thinking of producing some events, (later, when things get figured out and settled), I am deciding just to do them. Each of these projects is a way that I hope to share joy and connection, in the ways that I know how! I hope to see you soon.


Indian Cooking Classes

Fun, light-hearted evenings dedicated to tempering, sautéing and simmering. We will learn how to prepare healthy, savory Indian meals from scratch and then we will eat together! These evenings are designed to build community and share stories over good food.

Sunday May 7

$20-30 sliding scale
includes recipe card and groceries for mea

at 1950 Riverside Ave
Boulder CO 80304.


Adult Dance Classes

The aim of this series of adult classes will be to get the body moving and finding freedom and joy in falling, swirling, lengthening and soaring. The class mixes improvisation with choreography with the intent of finding embodiment and expression for everybody. All levels of experience welcome.

SATURDAYS: April 29, May 5, May 13
12 - 1:30pm
$5-15 donation

at Community Dance Collective

2020 1/2 21st St, Boulder, CO 80302


i don't know what i'm doing
impromptu improvisational performances

This performance series is in response to being 20-something, in a world of increasing chaos. Using the body as a response system for confusion, this project is about encountering the unknown in each moment. It is informal, unchoreographed, and I have absolutely no idea what will happen.

April 29, 30 & May 6
Donations Appreciated

at 1721 Redwood Ave
Boulder, CO 80304